Management Team

Pamela Tiemeyer Jones

CEO / President
Consultant / Trainer

Pamela Jones brings years of management and education know-how to the education industry. An accomplished speaker, she has a wealth of experience engaging audiences, large and small, from all walks of life in a variety of subjects. She has taught employees from many industries including postsecondary education from Alaska to Florida and in the provinces of Canada.

Pamela Jones resides in Alpharetta, GA with her husband, Bill Jones and their two daughters. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas. Her management and training career began in the retail and service industries prior to joining the education industry. Pam quickly became a star after accepting her first position as an admissions representative and in a few short years found herself in positions of sales and operations management on a local and regional level. Her experience spans nearly every department within a school organization and she is known for her ability to empower people to become invincible teams. Pam has also excelled in the industry as a sales account executive for a national marketing agency.

Bill Jones

COO and VP Consulting/Training, Admissions and Operations Consultant/Trainer

Bill Jones is a seasoned veteran in sales and the education industry. An accomplished speaker and former college professor as well as a leader in the industry, he is known for his business knowledge and expertise. His experience provides a strong foundation that utilizes real world situations to provide real time solutions that will challenge everyone in your organization to achieve their very best.

He began his career in the career college sector as an admissions representative and emerged quickly as a leader. His position included Admissions Management to include Regional VP of Admissions for several of the largest companies in proprietary education. His ability to analyze and forecast is unparalleled.