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“Our enrollments have already gone up and we had a record breaking start a couple of days ago. I would highly recommend this training to other schools by far over anything I have seen before. ”
Richard Flanders, Director of Admissions

“I believe that Michael Purles delivers the type of training which produces better organizational communication with increased employee focus and direction. He is simply a master teacher. ”
D. Eric Ensign, President, City Investment Inc.

“Pam is one of the most effective, if not the most effective, admissions trainer that I have worked with in career education. She is organized, energetic, effective, and gives more than 100%. Not only did she train our admissions staff, she provided us with admissions training materials and management systems so that we could carry on when she left.”
Robert H. Schaefer, President, Central Coast College

“Michael Purles is an outstanding trainer. His presentations reflect outstanding content and are very lively and engaging, and are presented with the energy and enthusiasm necessary to engage the audience. He has the ability to grasp and comprehend the subject matter. That, coupled with his great feel for the audience, allows him to engage them and create a learning environment in which the audience can excel.”
Jeff Nilsson, Director, Call Center Operations XO Communications

“The advanced admissions training Pam provided for our organization was excellent. She not only trained our team, but aided in the implementation of techniques with a well thought out follow–up strategy and execution plan. As a result of her guidance, the schools realized an immediate return on our investment. ”
Joe Visconti, President, Academy of Computer Careers

“Michael's presentation skills are exceptional. He is experienced and effective with the use of voice, physical appearance, body language and visual aids. His communication skills, English skills and abilities to teach with tact and enthusiasm are outstanding. ”
D. Duane Wardle, CFO, Young Electric Sign Company

“Pam is a salesperson, teacher, motivator and entertainer. She delivers "point on" material in a high energy format that will improve your performance regardless of job title. A famous author once said "Knowledge isn't power until it is applied". As a life long student of the sales process Pam provides information and tools in an easy to understand manner that will be applied in your business.”
Gene Johnson, VP of Marketing, Concorde Career Colleges

“After a good number of successful deliveries of professional skills training to some of our most important customers, you retain a perfect record of straight perfect “10’s” on all student evaluations! Your professional manner and ability to train is unequaled in our experience of 13 years in the training business. We are so pleased with the training you have provided for our organization and for our customers.”
Dave Butterfield, Owner/General Manager, New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Salt Lake City

“You guys did a wonderful job – the topics were relevant and the delivery was right on target.”
Vimal Parker, Director of Consulting Support Services, North Highland