Trainers and Consultants

Elaine Hudson

Financial Aid Expert/Trainer/Consultant

Elaine is a seasoned veteran and consummate professional in the financial aid arena. She has worked with post-secondary education institutions for over 30 years to include both clock and credit hour schools in both traditional and non-traditional institutions. She has worked for the U.S. Department of Education in the Program Review Branch and has conducted program reviews for the Nebraska Student Loan Program. Her varied background and her eye for detail and knowledge of every aspect of Title IV Funding are exceptional and gives her an unique perspective towards training and institutional procedures. Elaine's stellar track record ensures a school will benefit from her expertise and guidance.

She provides strong guidance and leadership in the business office as well as the financial aid office. She has successfully built strong relationships between the admissions and financial aid teams increasing packaging, collection rates and customer service.

Elaine’s presentation style is entertaining as well as informative while teaching and leading financial aid teams through the maze of Title IV. She has a quick wit, energy and a passion for every department within a school. She is a team player and an outstanding problem solver; there are relatively few issues she cannot resolve with a win-win approach for every team in your school to include, most importantly, your customer – the students in your school.

Mona R. Armstrong


Mona has over 20 years of Supply Chain/Logistics experience with various CPG companies, as manager and director of various functional areas from distribution, transportation, customer service to manufacturing and product supply. She has also been recognized as a change agent, leading flawless start-up executions; and for her other “passion” as a people/team manager and top talent developer. Mona has earned an MBA in Industrial Management and is a trained facilitator

Mona will lead your team though change with ease; provide strong direction for building teams, communication, adapting to change, time management and increasing customer service in organizations. As a workshop facilitator and onsite mentor she provides the tools your organization needs for growth and increased productivity.

Deborah Kirsch

Consultant/Trainer/Education & Curriculum Specialist

Deborah Kirsch came to Lightpoint Consulting and Training in January of 2009 with a distinguished career in for profit post secondary education as both an administrator and educator. She has served in positions from Instructor, Director of Education, Campus President, Corporate Director of Education, VP of Field Operations and most recently as Senior Vice President of Operations.

Deb enjoyed increases in student population to maximum capacity, high student retention, high graduate job placement and a staggering increase of profits for her campuses. She has managed and/or developed programs in the fields of Allied Health, Computer, Criminal Justice, Trades and Automotive programs.

Deb has an inspirational and informative presentation skill that has impacted her audiences from every department of the school to management level. Her insight and ability to identify and “fix” a school or take a good school and make it great, has built her reputation in the private postsecondary arena.

Ms. Kirsch holds a B.S.N. degree from California State University - Hayward, and over her twenty three year career, she has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Arizona State Postsecondary Association, Laramie Chamber of Commerce Board Member, York MS Leadership Award and served as an Evaluator for the national accreditation bureaus of ABHES and ACICS.

Additionally, Ms. Kirsch maintains an altruistic role as she actively spearheads in-house fund raising activities to help various charitable organizations throughout the year including organizing Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for students and community families in need, the I.O. Silver Foundation, which assists in the research and treatment of heart disease in children and was the stimulus for “The House that Education Built” which was created to provide a home for a family who fell victim to the devastation of hurricane Katrina.