Your company’s success is based upon its profitability and growth. Our top priority is helping you to achieve both. Our training and consulting services are designed to maximize your bottom line, providing you the best return on your investment.

Philosophy – Three Steps to Success

We understand that training alone is not enough to maximize the potential of your employees. That’s why we have developed an education system based on three important fundamentals – Best Practices Training.

  • Training
    Your training begins with courses that are specifically designed to focus on building the “soft” skills that are necessary for your employees to perform to their fullest. Skills like listening, communication, leadership, and customer service techniques are the platform on which a successful business is based. The majority of employees need focused training to become accomplished in these skills. Our courses make them experts.
  • Retention
    Making sure your employees remember and utilize their training is as important as the training itself. Lightpoint will devise a retention plan that is specific to both your company and the training courses administered.
  • Mentoring
    Not all employees will be able to immediately learn and then transition these newly taught skills into application. Some employees will need further coaching to really “get it”. We have specialized trainers and resources to address this critical issue to ensure employee success.