What makes us good at what we do?

The Lightpoint team of trainers and consultants are accomplished speakers, trainers and leaders. They have a wealth of experience engaging audiences, large and small, from all walks of life in a variety of subjects. They have taught employees from many industries including postsecondary education from Alaska to Florida and in the provinces of Canada.

We provide solutions to help businesses and sales organizations excel to be top competitors in today’s marketplace. Our solutions are designed to help enrich your team and build a more successful organization. We immerse ourselves in your philosophy, language and company mission statement and then craft solutions designed to achieve the designed outcome.

For the education industry, Lightpoint Consulting and Training has engineered training courses, products, and consulting services to meet the unique needs of the education industry in every department to include admissions, financial aid, business offices, faculty development, operations departments and management development.

Recognizing that providing provocative, up-to-date, best practices training fulfills only a portion of a company’s training needs, Lightpoint Consulting and Training utilizes a three step approach to providing the return on investment every organization is looking for. The training regimen includes a system to encourage principle and technique retention and mastery of the best practices taught.